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Knowledge Base

The Knowledge Base has 223 support references, created by support professionals who have resolved issues for our customers. It is constantly updated, expanded, and refined to ensure that you have access to the very latest information. Begin by browsing folders on the left side of this site.
  1. Device Support
  2. Halo's Default Emergency & Weather Alerts
  1. Device Support - Supporting Articles
  2. Does Lowe's sell batteries for my various Iris devices
  3. How do I adjust the brightness or color setting on my smart light bulb?
  4. How Do I Set Up or Change a Schedule for My Device?
  5. How do I set up or change the wireless network settings for my Iris camera?
  6. How do I turn my Iris Next Gen door chimes on and off?
  7. Next Generation Iris Video Resources
  8. What do I do to create a schedule for several devices at once?
  9. What do the various blinking light patterns mean on the front of the Next Gen Iris Hub?
  10. Where can I find my Hub ID?
  1. App Support
  2. App Introduction - App Dashboard
  3. App Introduction - Cards
  4. App Introduction - Favorites
  5. App Introduction - Rules
  6. App Introduction - Scenes
  7. Cards - Alarm Card
  8. Cards - Camera
  9. Cards - Care
  10. Cards - Climate
  11. Cards - Doors & Locks
  12. More...
  1. App Support - Supporting Articles
  2. Can I Change the Font Size of the Iris App?
  3. How Do I Change the Background Color of the Iris App?
  4. How to resolve an instance where Version 2.1 of the Iris app crashes when running iOS
  5. Wi-Fi Smart Switch Pairing Issues for Android Users
  1. Plans and Service Information
  2. Pro-Mon FAQS
  1. Getting Started with Iris
  2. Can I connect the Iris Hub to my wireless router?
  3. Can I connect the Iris Hub wirelessly? I thought it was wireless?
  4. Can I get Iris professionally installed?
  5. Can I install Iris or Iris devices myself? How long does it take to install?
  6. Can I install the Iris Hub or add devices using a mobile app?
  7. Do I need a land line phone in my home?
  8. Do I need any special equipment, computers or software to install Iris?
  9. How do I get started?
  10. How do I know if my device is paired to the Iris Hub?
  11. If I forget to pair a device during set up, can I add it later?
  12. More...
  1. Iris FAQs
  2. How to handle returns
  3. Installation and Getting Started Questions
  4. Insurance Provider Partnerships
  5. Iris Cellular Services FAQs
  6. Overview of Iris by Lowe's
  7. Requirements for an Iris System
  8. Warranties & Repairs
  1. Iris FAQs - Supporting Articles
  2. Requirements All I have is dial-up Internet service. Will that work?
  3. Insurance Provider Partnerships Can I get a home owner's or renters insurance discount if I have Iris?
  4. Warranties & Repairs Can I order parts and repair a device myself?
  5. Returns Can I return my kit or devices for a refund?
  6. Warranties & Repairs Can I send Iris products in for repair?
  7. Requirements Do I need to have a smart phone to use Iris?
  8. Warranties & Repairs Does Iris offer a warranty?
  9. General Questions Does Iris work with Amazon Echo?
  10. General Questions Does Iris work with Apple HomeKit?
  11. Warranties & Repairs Does Lowe's offer extended protection or product replacement plans on Iris products?
  12. More...
  1. Iris Updates & News
  2. Where Can I Find New Release Information?


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