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Iris Cellular Services FAQs

How much does the Iris 4G Cellular Backup Service cost?
The service currently costs $7.99/month with no annual contracts.

Is any hardware required to to use the 4G Backup Cellular Service?
Yes, you will need to buy an Iris 4G USB modem (Lowe's Item #805281). Once you have the modem it gets plugged into one of the two available USB ports found on the back of the Iris hub.

I do not have broadband internet. Can I use the Iris 4G Backup service as my primary internet connection for Iris?
The Iris 4G backup solution will supply you with the equivalent of three days of cellular backup services per month. It is not meant to be a primary internet solution.

Can I use my 4G modem to provide internet for other non Iris related products (e.g. computers, gaming systems, etc.)?
No you can not. Iris cellular solutions are designed to work just with the Iris hub. By confining these devices to just Iris related data traffic we are able to keep the cost to our customers as low as possible.

Can I just buy a different USB modem and plug it into the back of my Iris hub?
Unfortunately, this will not work with either First Gen or Next Gen Iris. It has to be a device programmed to work with the hubs.

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