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Wi-Fi Smart Switch Pairing Issues for Android Users

Some Iris customers with Android phones may be experiencing pairing issues with the Wi-Fi Smart Switch. When you go to pair the Iris Wi-Fi Smart Switch on certain Android phones, after the step during the pairing process where you select the Smart Switch for pairing, the process will fail on the “Pairing” step and you will get a red “Connection Error” saying the Iris Wifi Smart Switch failed to pair.

What is the cause of this?

This issue is caused by a feature of many Android phones that has various names depending on your device and operating system. It is most commonly called “Smart Network Switch”  but is also referred to as "Mobile Network Switch", "Auto-switch to mobile network", and "Open Network notification". This feature will automatically use cellular data when there is no internet connection over Wi-Fi. With this option enabled, your device may switch back to your saved Wi-Fi connection while you are performing the setup of your Iris Wi-Fi Smart Switch, disrupting the pairing process. This causes problems with many devices, including the Iris Wi-Fi Smart Switch, that rely upon being configured via Wi-Fi.

Is there a workaround?

Yes. We recommend temporarily turning on “Airplane Mode” and while Airplane Mode is on, toggle Wifi on (it will initially be off).  After the phone reconnects to Wi-Fi, return to the Iris app to pair the Wi-Fi Smart Switch.

Understanding the Iris Smart Switch Indicator Light

  • Blinking blue: The switch is ready to connect to your Wi-Fi network. 
  • Alternating red and purple: Same as blinking blue, but the switch is in an ON position. 
  • Solid Blue: The switch is currently connecting to your Wi-Fi network, and is pairing to Iris. Please wait until the switch finishes connecting.
  • Solid Red: The switch is currently connected to your Wi-Fi network and is in the ON position. You'll need to factory reset to move the device to a different Wi-Fi network. 

Still Having Trouble? 
Click here for Smart Switch Factory Reset instructions. 

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