How much does Iris cost?

How much does Iris cost?

Iris currently offers three different subscription levels, plus a 4G back-up service. All Iris subscription levels are month-to-month plans with no long term contracts required.

1. Basic Service (Free) - Allows you to control your devices from your Iris app. Manage and monitor all of your smart devices from wherever you are with a single app.
2. Premium Service ($9.99/month) - Provides advanced ways to monitor and control your home with greater personalization and customization features.
3. Pro Monitoring  ($14.95/month) - Features 24/7 full-service professional monitoring for burglary, smoke, carbon monoxide and panic alarm as well as cellular backup service in case your broadband service ever goes down. Certified professionals will not only alert you in case of an emergency, but also contact first responders.

The Iris 4G Cellular backup service ($7.99/month) allows Iris users to maintain a connection to the internet for the Iris system for up to seven days per month in the case of an internet outage. This service requires the Iris 4G Cellular USB modem (Item #805281).

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