Iris Smart Hub

Iris Smart Hub

Iris Smart Hub

Lowe's Item #690404
Manufacturer Model # 9402-L
Battery - AA (x4) Included with new hubs.
Type of Wireless Communication - ZigBee HA 1.2, Z-Wave, WI-FI, Ethernet and Bluetooth

Setting up your new Iris Hub

Step 1: Similar to your wireless router, locate your hub in a central location of your home if possible. This will help ensure a strong signal can reach the various areas of your home.

Step 2: Make a note of the hub's ID number found the bottom of the hub.

Step 3: Open the Iris by Lowe's app on your phone and log into your account. If you do not have an account yet, tap Sign Up on the front page and follow the on screen instructions. Once in your account, click on the plus sign located on the top right of the screen. From here, select Hub.

Step 4: Follow the app's on-screen instructions. Open the battery cover on the bottom of the hub and insert the four included AA batteries. Reattach the cover.

Step 5: Plug the supplied Ethernet cord into an open port in your router and then plug the other end into your Iris hub.

Step 6: Insert the supplied power cable into your hub. Then, plug the other end into a nearby power outlet. It's important you follow steps 3 through 5 in order. It's normal for the hub lights to flash throughout the process. Proceed to step 6 once the hub has a steady flashing green light.

Step 7: When prompted by the app, enter the hub ID (including the dash) and press enter. The hub will continue to flash green while the Iris cloud is trying to locate the hub. This may take up to five minutes. When successful, the hub's LED will show solid green.

Step 8: Go back to the app and complete the remaining steps.

Iris by Lowe's App Videos

Question: I have a new hub that I can’t add to my Iris account.
Answer: Your Next Generation of Iris hub is ready to be added to your account when the green LED on the hub is flashing steadily, about once per second for about 2 minutes.
If the green LED is flashing has been flashing for at least 10 minutes when trying to pair and you are still unable to add your hub to the account, press the red reset button on the back of the hub for approximately 15 seconds. Once the hub has restarted, try registering your hub again.
Connectivity requirements:

1. The hub must be connected to a line power source and cannot be running on battery backup during setup.
2. You must use the power cord supplied with your Next Generation of Iris hub. Your hub should be connected directly to your router.
3. The hub must be allowed through your firewall.
4. If you use MAC address filtering, make sure the hub is allowed.
5. Ports 443 and 80 must be open.
6. Your router needs to be NAT compliant and must assign an IP address to the hub.
When to call support (1-855-469-IRIS):

- After trying a reset the hub still hasn’t connected to the account after 15 minutes of waiting, 
- Either the red or yellow LED is flashing along with the green LED.
- None of the LEDs are illuminated.
- All the LEDs are solid and do not flash after a reset.
Question: My hub won’t pair any more devices.
Answer: Press the red reset button on the back of the hub for no more than 3 seconds. Once the hub has restarted, continue pairing your devices.
Question: My hub went offline after a power outage, and now it is nonresponsive.
Answer: Press the red reset button on the back of the hub for no more than 3 seconds. Once the hub has restarted, wait a few minutes and then try controlling your Iris devices from the Iris by Lowe’s app.

Question: Will I be notified if my HUB goes offline?
Answer:  The current settings provide push notifications within approximately 1 hour for the hub remaining offline.
(We are working on shortening this time period, as well as showing an immediate in-app banner.)

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Download the full Spec Sheet here: pdf Smart Hub
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