App Introduction - Rules

App Introduction - Rules

Rules are a simple way to automate the control of devices based on things like temperature, presence, and/or the action of another device. You can also schedule a rule to choose the time window a rule is active. There are over 100 pre-programmed rules available today, and more being added with each release. (Rules are now available to all Iris Users)

Rules are categorized by device type, and Iris will recommend specific rules in each category based on the devices you have paired to your Iris system.

We suggest giving each rule your own personalized name for easier identification.

New rules are created using the plus "+" sign on the top right corner of the Iris dashboard. Existing rules are edited/modified using the top left navigation menu on the top left corner of the Iris dashboard.

Rules can now also be created and maintained using the Iris Web Portal

pdf Intro to Rules in the Web Portal

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