Iris Garage Door Controller

Iris Garage Door Controller

Iris Garage Door Controller

Lowe's Item #589237
Manufacturer Model # GD-00Z-1
Power - The control unit plugs into the same outlet as your garage door opener. The included tilt sensor uses a CR2032 watch style battery.
Type of Wireless Communication - Z-Wave (Iris Smart Hub Required)

Compatible Garage Door Openers: According to the manufacturer this device works with most openers. However; the manufacturer has identified the following openers as being incompatible.

Pairing a New Device

Step 1: Before you begin, make sure your door opener has exposed terminals.

Step 2: Follow the installation instructions to attach the tilt sensor mounting plate to the top panel of your garage door.

Step 3: Remove the battery tab from the tilt sensor and attach it to the plate, ensuring both arrows are pointing up.

Step 4: Open the Iris app and go to the “Add” section, tap “Device,” and browse or search for the device. This will put the hub in pairing mode, indicated by a blinking green light.

Step 5: Plug the garage door controller into an electrical outlet close to where it will be installed. Do not connect it to your garage door motor yet.

Step 6: Press the Link button once.

Step 7: When the hub triple beeps, your device has been paired.

Step 8: Mount the garage door opener and connect it to your garage door motor as described in the installation instructions.

Step 9: Finally, configure the tilt sensor orientation by manually opening and closing the garage door before controlling it through Iris.

Reset Instructions

You should perform a reset if the controller was force removed from the app or you are having pairing, connectivity, and/or response issues.

Step 1: In the app, tap on the Left-Hand Navigation Menu (≡), then tap on Devices.

Step 2: In the device list, scroll down to the bottom of the list and tap on Z-Wave Tools. Then tap on Remove Z-Wave Devices. Remain on this screen until step 3 is complete.

Step 3: Go to the garage door controller, and press the pairing button once. The garage door controller should give a short beep immediately followed by a long beep. If the hub can be heard from the controller's location, it will beep twice as well to confirm the reset. The Iris app will list which device has been reset.

Step 4: If you did not get confirmation in the app, press the pairing button on the garage door controller five times in a row, once per second. The garage door controller should give a short beep followed by a long beep several seconds later. Repeat step 3. If you received confirmation in the app, proceed to the next step.

Step 5: To re-pair the device, put the hub in pairing mode by tapping the plus sign on the dashboard, then Device.

Step 6: Press the pairing button on the garage door controller once more. The garage door controller will triple-beep when pairing is complete. If the hub is in hearing range, you should hear it triple-beep as well.

             Q: My garage door has an obstruction message. What do I do?​

  A: Open and close the door manually to resolve. If the issue persists, check the manufacturer's installation instructions for proper installation.

Installation Manual

pdf Garage Door Controller Installation Manual

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