Next Gen Iris - How do I change the quality of my Camera s video footage?

Next Gen Iris - How do I change the quality of my Camera's video footage?

You can change the resolution of the camera, and the number of frames per second, to increase or decrease quality. This will be affected by the bandwidth of your internet connection, as slower broadband will not run the higher quality footage as well. Recorded videos will be played back at the quality they were recorded.

You can increase or decrease the resolution of your Camera footage from your mobile device or from the Iris Web UI on your PC.

From your Mobile Device

This can be accessed from the top left drop down menu on your dashboard. Select "Devices" and then the camera you are wanting to modify. Select the "More" tab at the top of the screen and then choose 'Settings'. This will give you the ability to modify both image quality and frame rate for that particular camera. Please note adjustments to these settings will impact buffering times and the size of files being stored on the server.

From the WEB UI
Sign in to your account by visiting and scroll to the Cameras section and then choose the camera you want to modify. Click the 'Settings' button to make changes to the image quality and the frame rate for that camera, once the changes are made hit 'Done" to finish and save the changes.

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