How do I build a strong Iris network in my home?

How do I build a strong Iris network in my home?

One of the great things about Iris is that it's a mesh network. This means not all devices need to be able to talk to the hub to work. They simply need to be able to talk to certain other devices, which in turn can talk to the hub. However; not every device is capable of repeating signals.

The best device for repeating ZigBee and Z-Wave signals is the Iris Smart Plug (Item #690407). e.g. You have a few contact sensors on the far side of your house which keep getting their signal dropped, then add a smart plug somewhere in-between. A Previous Model Smart Plug (Item #388564)  is also capable of helping out. However; please note Previous Model Smart Plugs will not repeat Z-Wave, only ZigBee. 

It's also important to note Previous Model Iris Smart Plugs can repeat the signal of Previous Iris ZigBee products only. If you want to be able to repeat ZigBee signals for newer products in addition to older products, you'll need one of the New Smart Plugs (#690407). Think of it like DVD and Blu-Ray. Blu-Ray players can play DVDs, but DVD players cannot play Blu-Ray discs.

If you don't know whether you have an older or new models, just visit The item description will tell you if it's a previous/older model. They are found part way down the page. All of the newest products are at the top of the page.

If the device you are looking to extend the range uses Wi-Fi to communicate, then you will need to add a Wi-Fi range extender to your home network. Lowe's offers the Belkin 2.4GHz ISM WPA/WPA2 802.11N Wireless Signal Extender (Item #753208) via This product is not available in stores. Please note: Wi-Fi range extenders will not help you extend the range of ZigBee and Z-Wave products.

The following use ZigBee to communicate (For further detail refer to each individual device's support pages).
  • ZigBee - Iris Contact Sensors, Iris Motion Sensors, Iris Security Keypads, Iris Smart FOBs, Iris Key FOBs, Iris Care Pendants, Iris Smart Plugs, Osram LIGHTIFY Bulbs, Iris Tilt Sensors, Oribit Hose Timer, NYCE Smart Hinges, Leak Smart Shut Off Valve, and Orbit 12-Station Irrigation Controller
  • Z-Wave - Most all Schlage and Kwikset door locks, Utilitech Leak Sensor, RCTCA Thermostat, GoControl ThermoStat, Iris Garage Door Controller, Utilitech Indoor Siren, Utilitech Glass Break Sensor, and most GE branded in wall outlets and switches.
  • Wi-Fi - Iris Indoor and Outdoor Cameras, Genie Aladdin Garage Door Opener and Controller, Eccowater Electric Water Heater Controller, and Whirlpool Water Softener
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