Orbit 12-Station Indoor/Outdoor Irrigation Timer (with Next Gen)

Orbit 12-Station Indoor/Outdoor Irrigation Timer (with Next Gen)

Orbit 12-Station Indoor/Outdoor Irrigation Timer

Lowe's Item 587056
Manufacturer Model # 27396
Battery - None required
Type of Wireless Communication - ZigBee

Pairing an Irrigation Timer to the Iris Hub

Step 1: To begin, follow the manufacturer's installation instructions. Contact a professional if you need assistance with installation.

Step 2: If searching by “Brand” select “Orbit,” select “12 Station Irrigation Timer.” If searching by “Category,” select “Lawn & Garden” then select “12 Station Irrigation Timer.”

Step 3: Remove the battery tab.

Step 4: Connect the power. If the battery tab has already been removed, press the SYNC button 5 times.

Step 5: Turn the dial to "Auto." The controller will display SMART MODE. To control the device with Iris, it's important to leave the dial on Auto.

Step 6: When the hub triple beeps, your device has been paired. A firmware update may be required, and can take 20 minutes or more to complete. You will need to wait for this update to finish before using the controller.

Factory Reset Instructions
Use Case: When the device has been force removed from the App or the device has pairing and/connectivity issues.
Step 1: To begin, turn the dial to Auto. Open the back panel and press the Sync button five times. When complete, the wireless icon will begin to blink.

Step 2: To re-pair the device, put the hub in pairing mode by tapping the plus sign on the dashboard, and then DEVICE.

Step 3: The hub will triple beep when pairing is complete.


pdf Orbit 12-Station Sprinkler Controller
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