App Introduction - Favorites

App Introduction - Favorites

Favorites are devices or scenes you want to be readily accessible from your dashboard.  (Favorites are now available to all Iris Users)

Your favorites appear below the dashboard photo. You can always see your first five favorites, but can swipe to the side to view the rest.

If you don't see your favorites, they could be hidden. From the dashboard, tap the gear icon, then choose Cards. Tap on Edit and make sure there is a check mark by Favorites. You'll also likely want the favorites to be up top, so tap and hold the ≡ icon to drag it to the top.

Making a Device a Favorite

When you first pair a device, you may be asked if you want to make the device a favorite device. If you skipped this prompt, here's how to set your favorite devices:

Step 1: From the dashboard, navigate to the left-hand navigation menu (≡), then tap on Devices. Tap on the device you want to make a favorite.

Step 2: Tap on the device's More menu.

Step 3: Every device has a Favorites option. Tap the check mark circle to make it a favorite. Un-checking this circle removes it from your favorites.

Making a Scene a Favorite

When you create a scene, you will be prompted whether you want to make the scene a favorite. If you skipped this while creating the scene, perform the following:

Step 1: From the dashboard, navigate to the left-hand navigation menu (≡), then tap on Scenes. Tap on the scene you want to make a favorite.

Step 2: Look for the Favorites option. Toggle this On to make it a favorite scene. Toggling Off, of course, removes this scene from your favorites.

Arrange and Edit How Favorites Appear on the Dashboard

Step 1: From the dashboard, tap the gear icon .

Step 2: Tap Favorites.

Step 3: The order of this list, top to bottom, shows how the items appear in the favorites card, left to right. Scroll up and down to review the entire list if necessary. Tap Edit to change the favorites list.

Step 4: Tap and hold the ≡ icon to right of a device or scene to drag it up and down the list. Remember that the first five items are the ones that will initially show up when you go to the dashboard, no scrolling required. Use the pink minus button  to delete a favorite from this screen as opposed to doing this from the item's page. When finished, tap Done.

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