I have multiple hubs I need to manage. What is the easiest way to do this?

I have multiple hubs I need to manage. What is the easiest way to do this?

As of app version 1.10, you can create Places within your account. This saves you the tedium of having to log out of one account and sign into another. You can pair one hub per place, and can easily switch between them.

If you already have an existing place on a separate account you want to manage, you should follow the steps here to access your systems with one login. Creating a new place creates a blank canvas to set up a new system.

Before you begin: Please be aware that if you are on the premium plan, newly created places will be set on the premium plan as well. This means you will be billed for the new place's premium service as soon as the place is created. To avoid accidental billing, please be certain in your decision to create a new place. If you made a mistake in creating a place, you can delete it the same day and be refunded in full. Deleting a place after one day is subject to a prorated refund.

Step 1: From the dashboard, head to the Add (+) menu. Choose Place.

Step 2: Enter the address for the place itself.

Step 3: If the address could not be verified, you'll be asked to either edit your address information or continue forward. If you continue forward without a verfied address, you'll also be asked to choose a time zone.


Step 4: Enter a default PIN for the new place twice. You can use the same PIN you gave yourself for your primary place if you'd like, though for maximum security, we recommend using a different one.

Step 5: You're finished! You'll get a quick reminder that the your new place will be set to the service plan level of your primary place (the one you first created). Once you're in your new place in the app, you can start pairing devices, adding contacts, and setting up rules and scenes as if it was a brand new account. We recommend starting with pairing the hub.

If you ever need to change the name your place, its address (e.g., you're moving and are taking all the equipment with you), or the time zone, go to the navigation menu (≡) > Settings > Places > Name of your Place.


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