LeakSmart Water Shut-Off Valve

LeakSmart Water Shut-Off Valve

LeakSmart Water Shut-off Valve

Lowe's Item #756921
Manufacturer Model #8830000L
Power - Uses AC power through outlet, or 4 AA batteries. When both are used, the batteries are only used as a backup.
Type of Wireless Communication - ZigBee
This device is compatible with both Iris 1st Generation Hubs and Next Generation Hubs.

Pairing the Device to the Hub

Step 1: Follow the included user's guide to install your water shut-off valve.

Step 2: Next, open the Iris app. From the dashboard, go to the upper right Add (+) menu, then tap Device. The hub will now be in pairing mode, indicated by a flashing green light on the hub.

Step 3: Browse or search for the device. By brand, the water valve is under the LeakSmart brand. By category, it is under the Water category.

Step 4: Power on the shut-off valve. You can power the valve with AC power, batteries, or both. When both are used, the batteries are only used as backup. AC power is recommended.

  • • To power the device with batteries, pull out the enclosure to find the battery compartment on the underside. Use a screwdriver to remove the battery cover, and insert 4 AA batteries. Replace the drawer.
  • • To power the device with AC power, connect the plug to the socket on the base of the device and plug into a power outlet.

Step 5: Check for a blue light blinking on the water shut-off valve. This means your valve has powered on and is now looking for your hub.

Step 6: When the hub triple beeps and the water valve's blue light blinks three times in a row, your valve has been paired. The app will ask you if you would like to name your smart bulb and whether you'd like to assign a picture to it. 

Using the Water Shut-Off Valve With Iris

Operate your valve through your app with Water Card. From here, you can open and close the valve remotely, and set up a schedule to open and close the valve automatically. Use the card's Schedule tab to create and manage a schedule for the water valve.

You can also operate the valve by going into the navigation menu (), tapping Devices, and locating your valve there.

In addition, you can also operate the valve using the left and right buttons on the valve itself. Iris will update accordingly.

In the app, a bright circle will glow around the water valve icon when it is open. This dims when the valve is closed. Tap a highlighted button to change a valve to that state. For example, when the Close button is highlighted, tap on the Close button to close the valve. 

When you have a water leak sensor paired to Iris, you can use that sensor to automatically close the valve, To do this, head to the Safety Alarm Card from the dashboard. Tap on More to find the Water Shut Off Valve option. When this is on, the valve will automatically close when any water leak sensor detects a water leak.

Reset Instructions

You should perform a reset if the device has been force removed from the app or the device has pairing and/or connectivity issues.

Step 1: On the water valve, press the center button five times in a row, once per second. This is the button with the wireless radio tower icon.

Step 2: Confirm that the water valve's blue light is now blinking twice every 2 seconds. This means the device has been reset.

Step 3: Reconnect the device to Iris by following step 2 under Pairing the Device to the Iris Hub. The hub will triple beep when the device reconnects.

Troubleshooting: Device Will Not Pair

Make sure your hub is in pairing mode by checking to see if there is a blinking green light on the hub. If it is not in pairing mode, try re-selecting the device you are pairing in the app. If this does not cause the hub to blink green, reboot the hub by holding down the red button on the back of the hub for about 2 seconds. Once the hub's light goes back to solid green, retry pairing the light bulb in the app.

If this fails, follow the device's reset steps for your given device shown above.

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