Kwikset Smart Code ZigBee Electronic Lock

Kwikset Smart Code ZigBee Electronic Lock

 Kwikset Smart Code ZigBee Electronic Lock

  • Iris supports the 910,912, 914, and 916 ZB Kwikset models in a variety of styles and finishes. 
Power - 4 AA batteries
Type of Wireless Communication - ZigBee
This device is only compatible with next generation hubs.

Pairing a New Lock to the Hub

Step 1: Follow the included user's guide instructions to install the lock into your door.

Step 2: Next, open the Iris app. In the dashboard, go to the upper-right Add (+) menu, then tap Device. This puts your hub in pairing mode, indicated by a flashing green light on the hub.

Step 3: Browse or search for the device. By brand, find the Kwikset brand, then choose your lock. By category, choose the Doors & Locks category.

Step 4: On your lock, ensure the inside battery plate has been removed, exposing the control panel. Press the top left button on the control panel four times. A yellow light should flash with each press, and then turn red on the fourth press.

Step 5: Upon successful pairing, your hub will triple beep.

Step 6 (optional)The app will now ask you to name your lock and assign a photo if you'd like.

Operating the Lock Through Iris

Your lock will appear in the Doors & Locks card once it is paired to Iris. You can also access it from the navigation menu (≡). Choose Devices and find your lock there.

When your door is unlocked, a bright circle will glow around the lock's icon. This circle dims when the door is locked.

There are two buttons in the app to control your lock. Press the left button when it's highlighted to lock or unlock the door. The right button is the Buzz In button, which unlocks the door for 45 seconds and will then lock itself afterwards.

When the lock is paired, Iris will automatically assign the account owner's PIN to the lock. You can assign additional PIN codes to your lock to allow people access through your door. Click here to see how to add or remove access for a lock. Kwikset locks can save up to 30 unique 4-digit PINs through Iris.

If you had any PIN codes saved in the lock prior to connecting it to Iris, they will be erased once the lock is paired.

If you need to review the customization options on the lock itself, please review the operating guide that came with your lock.

You can use your lock as a basis for automation. From the dashboard, tap on the upper-right Add (+) menu, and tap on Rules. Check out the Doors & Locks category of rules for a sample of how the lock can interact with the rest of your home. Please note that using rules requires a subscription to the premium service level.

Reset Instructions

Reset ZigBee Configuration

You should perform this type of reset if the device has been force removed from the app or the device has pairing and/or connectivity issues. 

Step 1: Open the lock's battery plate to access the control panel.

Step 2: Press the top right button nine times in a row, once per second. A red light should flash.

Step 3: Go to the lock. Unscrew the inside cover, exposing the control panel.

Step 4: Press the top left button on the control panel. A red light should turn when the button is pressed.

Step 5: Reconnect the device by following the pairing steps listed above.

Factory Reset

You should perform a factory reset if the above steps fail repeatedly. This will reset any PINs saved in the lock.

Step 1: Unscrew the battery plate on the inside half of the lock.

Step 2: On the lock's control panel, press and hold the bottom programming button for 30 seconds. The lock should beep and the status LED should flash red.

Step 3: Press the programming button once more to reset the lock.

Troubleshooting: How do I Know If My Kwikset Lock is Z-Wave or ZigBee? They Look Almost Identical.

To connect and troubleshoot your Kwikset lock, you should know whether the lock uses Z-Wave or ZigBee technology to talk to your hub. The pairing and troubleshooting steps are different between these two kinds of locks.

If you purchased your Kwikset lock from Lowe's, it is very likely a Z-Wave lock. You should follow the steps on this article to connect and troubleshoot your lock. If you're still not sure, however, and are unable to check the lock's packaging, unscrew the inside cover as if you were pairing the lock or replacing the batteries. At the very top of the lock, you should see a sticker with a model number on it. Look for either the FCC ID or the IC ID. If these end in ZIG, your lock is a ZigBee lock. If these end in ZWV, your lock is a Z-Wave lock.

Troubleshooting: Device Will Not Pair

Make sure your hub is in pairing mode by checking to see if there is a blinking green light on the hub. If it is not in pairing mode, try re-selecting the device you are pairing in the app. If this does not cause the hub to blink green, reboot the hub by holding down the red button on the back of the hub for about 2 seconds. Once the hub's light goes back to solid green, retry pairing the light bulb in the app. After checking the hub, if the lock still will not pair, follow the reset steps listed above.

If you have any devices that repeat Z-Wave signals, you should make sure these devices are online and operational. Most Z-Wave extending devices boost Z-Wave signals on their own once paired.

Q: My door lock is jammed. What do I do?

 A: The jam will be cleared as soon as the lock tells Iris that it has successfully unlocked or locked. If you’re not home, try to unlock and re-lock using Iris. If that does not resolve the issue, then manually unlock and re-lock. If the issue still persists, next consider changing the batteries as certain door locks are more likely to jam when the battery levels are low. Finally, check the manufacturer’s instructions for proper installation. Note that some doors swell based on the heat or moisture which can lead to jams.

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