Other - How to connect your Iris Smart Home system to your Amazon Alexa account

Other - How to connect your Iris Smart Home system to your Amazon Alexa account

Use the following instructions to enable your Amazon Alexa account to be able to control your Iris Smart Home system.

• Set up your Alexa enabled device per manufacturer instructions.

• Please download and install the Alexa App before attempting to integrate Iris with your Alexa Device.

Steps to be Taken in the Alexa App to authorize Basic Iris Smart Home Skills
1. Log into your Alexa app.
2. Select Smart Home from the menu options.
3. Click on Get More Smart Home Skills.
4. Browse or search for Iris - Optimized for Smart Home.
5. Select Iris - Optimized for Smart Home.
6. Tap Enable.
7. Provide your Iris login information to link your Iris and Alexa accounts.
8. Choose the Place where you’ll use Alexa. (Only applicable if you have more than 1 Place.)
9. Select Authorize under the Authorize App screen.
10. Your accounts are now successfully linked!
11. Locate Your Devices on the Smart Home Tab and select discover devices.
Here are a list of voice commands that you can use with Amazon Alexa: 
  Category Command Notes Release Date
1 Lighting & Fans "Alexa, turn on the [light/fan name]"   August 2016
2 Lighting & Fans "Alexa, tun off the [light/fan name]"   August 2016
3 Lighting & Fans "Alexa set [light name] to [xx%]"   August 2016
4 Lighting & Fans "Alexa, brighten [light name]"   August 2016
5 Lighting & Fans "Alexa, dim [light name name]"   August 2016
6 Lights & Switches "Alexa, turn on [switch/outlet name]"   August 2016
7 Lights & Switches "Alexa, turn off [switch/outlet name]"   August 2016
8 Thermostat "Alexa set the temperature to (75) on [thermostat name]"   August 2016
9 Thermostat "Alexa set [thermostat name] to (75)"   August 2016
10 Thermostat "Alexa, raise the [thermostat name] by (3) degrees"   August 2016
11 Thermostat "Alexa, raise the [thermostat name] temperature by (3) degrees"   August 2016
12 Thermostat "Alexa, heat my [thermostat name]"   August 2016
13 Thermostat "Alexa, increase the [thermostat name] temperature"   August 2016
14 Thermostat "Alexa, heat up [thermostat name]"   August 2016
15 Thermostat "Alexa, lower the [thermostat name] by (3) degrees."   August 2016
16 Thermostat "Alexa, lower the [thermostat name] temperature by (3) degrees"   August 2016
17 Thermostat "Alexa, decrease the [thermostat name] by (3) degrees"   August 2016
18 Thermostat "Alexa, lower the [thermostat name] temperature"   August 2016
19 Thermostat "Alexa, cool down [thermostat name]"   August 2016
20 Thermostat "Alexa, make [thermostat name] colder"   August 2016
21 Thermostat "Alexa, what is the temperature of [thermostat name]?"   April 2017
22 Thermostat "Alexa, what is the [thermostat name] set to?"   April 2017
23 Door Locks “Alexa, is [lock name] locked/unlocked?”   April 2017
24 Door Locks “Alexa, lock the [lock name]” For security reasons, unlocking a door lock is not yet available. April 2017
25 Scenes “Alexa, turn on [scene name]” For security reasons, Alexa will not run any Scenes that include the following items: Door Locks, Security Alarm, & Garage Doors. April 2017
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