Troubleshooting WiFi Smart Switch

Troubleshooting WiFi Smart Switch

I’m getting a connection error:

- If you are using iOS 10, it may take multiple attempts to connect. If available, we recommend using an Android device to setup the switch. Once paired, you can return to the Iris app on either device to control the WiFi Smart Switch.

- For Android Devices we recommend temporarily turning on “Airplane Mode” and while Airplane Mode is on, toggle Wifi on (it will initially be off). After the phone reconnects to Wi-Fi, return to the Iris app to pair the Wi-Fi Smart Switch.

- Double check the device successfully connected to your network. A checkmark should appear next to the network name in your iPhone network settings (

- WiFi signal strength - you will need a strong connection to pair the switch. If you experience difficulty, consider moving the switch closer to your network router when pairing, and then moving the switch to a final position once paired.

- Ensure you entered the correct Network Name and Password.

- Try resetting the switch. Press and hold the on/off switch for 10-15 seconds while the switch is plugged into the wall. The light will blink red when successfully reset. You can now re-attempt the pairing process in the app.


I paired the switch, but can’t find it in the app:

- The WiFi Smart Switch will appear under the Lights & Switches Card in the app when you scroll down from the home screen. From here, you can set a schedule and toggle the switch on/off.

The switch's status lights do not light up, and it won’t connect:

- Ensure your outlet has a sufficient power connection and is functioning as normal.

Understanding the Iris Smart Switch Indicator Light
Blinking blue: The switch is ready to connect to your Wi-Fi network. 
Alternating red and purple: Same as blinking blue, but the switch is in an ON position. 
Solid Blue: The switch is currently connecting to your Wi-Fi network, and is pairing to Iris. Please wait until the switch finishes connecting.
Solid Red: The switch is currently connected to your Wi-Fi network and is in the ON position. You'll need to factory reset to move the device to a different Wi-Fi network. 
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