Iris Wi-Fi Smart Switch

Iris Wi-Fi Smart Switch

Iris Wi-Fi Smart Switch

Lowe's Item # 797379
Works with Amazon Alexa? - Yes
Works with Google Assistant? Yes
Battery - NA
Type of Wireless Communication - Wi-Fi (No Hub Required)
Note: Iris Smart Plugs are known for helping strengthen or extend network signals. Unlike these smart plugs, the Wi-Fi Smart Switch does not extend the range of ZigBee or Z-Wave frequencies. It does not extend Wi-Fi signals.

With no hub required, the Iris Wi-Fi smart switch is your best option for quick and simple control over your outlets. Make sure you have the Iris app downloaded to your iOS or Android device and have an account created before you begin. 

Adding the Iris Wi-Fi Smart Switch to your Iris Account

Step 1: In the Iris app, go to the upper-right Add (+) menu, then Device.

Step 2: If searching by “Brand” select “Iris,” then “Wi-Fi Smart Switch.” If searching by “Category,” select “Lights and Switches” then “Wi-Fi Smart Switch.”

Step 3: Insert the switch into a standard wall receptacle. Once the switch's light begins to blink either blue or alternates between red and purple, proceed to the next step. The pattern is based on whether the switch's power is off or on respectively.

Step 4: Follow the in-app instructions. When prompted, select or add your Wi-Fi network and password, then tap "Next."

Step 5: On iOS devices, to set up the device on your wireless network, go to your device's settings and open "Wi-Fi." Select the Iris Smart Switch's network, then return to the Iris app. It may take several minutes for your device to pair. On Android devices, the Iris Smart Switch's network will appear in the app, without the need to go to your device's settings. Select it to begin pairing.

Step 6: When the smart switch pairs, Iris will prompt you to name your device and whether you want to set up a schedule for it. You can always do these later if you decide not to. The light on the smart switch will also stop flashing blue or red and purple.

Using the Iris Wi-Fi Smart Switch

Control your smart switch through the Lights & Switches Card from the dashboard. Tap on the highlighted option to turn the device on or off. To set up a schedule to turn the switch on and off automatically, refer to our step-by-step instructions by clicking here.

You can also access your smart switch through the upper-left navigation menu (≡) from the dashboard, then tapping Devices. Once there, choose your switch. Toggle your switch on and off from this screen. In the More tab, you can rename your device, assign a picture to it, or check or change the Wi-Fi settings. If you are subscribed to the premium service, you can save the switch as a favorite device for quick access from the dashboard.

Understanding the Iris Smart Switch Indicator Light

Blinking blue: The switch is ready to connect to your Wi-Fi network. Follow the above steps to connect it.
Alternating red and purple: Same as blinking blue, but the switch is in an ON position. You can still follow the above steps to connect it.
Solid Blue: The switch is currently connecting to your Wi-Fi network, and is pairing to Iris. Please wait until the switch finishes connecting.
Solid Red: The switch is currently ON.

Factory Reset Instructions

You should perform a factory reset when the device has been force removed from the app or the device is having pairing and/or connectivity issues.

Step 1: To begin, press and hold the power button for about 10 seconds until the LED blinks red, then release the button.

Step 2: Follow the pairing instructions above to re-connect the device. If the switch is currently paired to your account, first remove the switch from the app through the navigation menu (≡), selecting Devices, the name of your switch, the More sub-tab, and finally Remove This Device.

Additional Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting the WiFi Smart Switch

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