What To Expect With Iris Professional Monitoring

What To Expect With Iris Professional Monitoring

Signing Up for Iris Professional Monitoring

Follow these steps to sign up for Iris Professional Monitoring
1. Go to https://home.irisby.lowes.com and log into your account (Normal Iris account log in) Please note that sign-up for the service cannot occur in the Iris mobile app.
2. Click on Settings
3. Scroll down to Service Plan and click the Edit button
4. Choose the Professional Monitoring provided by UCC plan option 
5. You may be asked to verify your physical address using a USPS verified address. The web tool will walk you through the process.
6. The tool will walk you through the device requirements for Iris Professional Monitoring.
7. You will be asked to provide information that might help first responders better located or access your home (e.g. Gate Codes)
8. The last step before you activate your account will be to confirm you PIN #.

Iris Professional Monitoring is an all included package. It includes both the Iris Premium Service and Iris 4G Cellular Backup Service (If you have an Iris 4G Modem) for free in addition to first responder dispatch.

If you do not live in a state covered by Iris Professional Monitoring, you will be informed during the sign up process. Additionally, there may be some areas within approved states that do not have a local agency. (This is entity that does the actual dispatching of local first responders.) If you do not have an agency in your area you will get the following message during the sign up process.

"There are no registered agencies who will dispatch emergency responders to this address through the Professional Monitoring system."

If you do not have a local agency, please feel free to call the Iris Contact Center 1-855-469-IRIS and let us know. If we get enough requests for a particular area, we may be able to work with an agency to provide coverage. Please note this is never guaranteed and may take some time to implement.
After You Sign Up for Iris Professional Monitoring

Once you’ve signed up for Iris Professional Monitoring, there are just a few things you need to know to properly manage your system.

Grace Periods

When a Security alarm is triggered, a grace period begins, giving you time to cancel the alarm before the monitoring station is notified.

After the grace period ends, and the alarm has not been cancelled either from your keypad or the Iris app, an attempt to notify the Monitoring Station will be made. 

Emergency Dispatch – Smoke & Security

In the event of a true emergency, confirming the alarm in the app will expedite emergency dispatch. If the alarm is not confirmed through the app, the monitoring station will call the account owner and also the 2nd person in the notification list. If those 2 people are unable to confirm or cancel, the Monitoring Station will attempt to dispatch the authorities. Once verbally confirmed, emergency personnel will be asked to dispatch. In the event that no one can be reached by phone, an emergency responder dispatch will be attempted.  

Emergency Dispatch - CO

Because carbon monoxide is odorless, colorless, and highly dangerous; detection of unsafe levels of Carbon Monoxide in your home will result in emergency personnel automatically being alerted without requiring the alarm to be confirmed. Once authorities are notified, the Monitoring Station will then call your Notification List until someone is reached to inform them that the authorities have been notified. For your safety, emergency responders cannot be cancelled if dispatched in carbon monoxide emergencies.

Emergency Dispatch - Panic

A Panic alarm in your home will result in emergency personnel automatically being alerted. Once authorities are notified, the Monitoring Station will then call your Notification List until someone is reached to inform them that the authorities have been notified. 

Cancelling an Alarm

To cancel a Professionally Monitored Security, Smoke, or Panic alarm, simply answer the call from the Monitoring Station or call the monitoring station directly at 1-844-571-6006 to cancel the dispatch. Alarm TrackerTM will notify you if the police or fire station does not dispatch. If the authorities decide not to respond, you should call 911 or your local authorities immediately.

Alarm Notification List

At Iris, we understand that in emergency situations, it’s important to quickly notify close family and friends about what’s happening. A triggered Security, Smoke, CO, or Panic alarm will notify the people in your pre-assigned notification list about your emergency event. Contacts in your notification list will be notified in the order they are assigned. It is recommended to have more than 1 person on your list. To learn more about this, visit the 'Managing Alarm Notification List'  support article. 

Things to Remember:

Alarm Tracker

When it comes to protecting your home and family, it’s important to be as informed as possible. Ensure you’re always in-the-know by utilizing the Iris Alarm TrackerTM. Alarm TrackerTM provides updates about your alarm status and allows you to track your alarm event every step of the way, from your first notification when an alarm goes off in your home, to when the Monitoring Station is alerted and the police or fire station is notified.

Canceling an Alarm

Please remember, the monitoring station agent will not be able to turn off or arm the Iris alarm in your home. In order to silence your Iris alarm you will need to…. Press the cancel button on Alarm TrackerTM or enter your PIN code on the keypad.

Helping First Responders

In order for Emergency Responders to quickly and safely handle emergency events, if your home is not easy to access using a common GPS, please provide detailed directions in the Iris app to help first responders find your home.

Dispatch Permit

Certain jurisdictions may also require you to have a dispatch permit on file. Make sure you enter this information into Iris as the authorities will ask us for your permit number during the dispatch process. If a permit is not on file, the authorities may not respond to your alarm event or if they do, they may fine you for not having a permit on file.

Perimeter Protection

To strengthen the level of security protection for your home and family by Iris, we highly recommend setting up more than one security device. Our full product lineup includes over 75 safety and security devices to choose from to build a smarter and safer home security system. Make sure you have the correct sensors, cameras and smoke detectors ready to protect what matters most. Explore our entire line of security devices for Professional Monitoring and get started today.

*The monitoring station will attempt to notify the authorities. The authorities will decide in their discretion if they will dispatch based on several factors. To learn more, visit https://www.irisbylowes.com/terms-of-service/ section 11.3.2.

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