How Do I Download the Professional Monitoring Certificate?

How Do I Download the Professional Monitoring Certificate?

How To Download The Professional Monitoring Certificate from The Mobile App and WEB UI

You can download the Professional Monitoring Certificate from the IRIS app on your Mobile device or from any browser on your PC/MAC. The certificate can be used to obtain a discount on your homeowners/ Renters Insurance.

From the APP:
1. Open the Iris APP and click on the side menu
2. Go To Settings > Places > Professional Monitoring
3. Click the Download Alarm Certificate to start download
4. Once Downloaded you can save it locally or E-mail the Certificate

From the Web UI
1. Login to your IRIS account by going to
2. Click Settings and Then People and Places
3. Click on the button labeled "Pro Monitoring Info"
4. Then Click on "Download Your Professional Monitoring Certificate"
5. Once downloaded you can save a copy of the Certificate to your device.

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