How to connect and use your Iris Smart Home system with your Nest devices

How to connect and use your Iris Smart Home system with your Nest devices

Devices Supported by Iris

  • Nest Thermostat: Lowe's Item #753160; Model # T3007ES;
  • Nest Thermostat: Lowe's Item #809535; Model # T3021US;
  • Nest Thermostat: Lowe's Item #869290; Model # T3017US;
  • Type of Wireless Communication - Cloud-to-Cloud

Pairing to Iris: Use the following instructions to allow your Nest devices to be controlled from within Iris. Note: The Nest Thermostat is the only device that is currently supported by Iris.

  1. 1. Install your Nest thermostat per manufacturer instructions and be sure to create a Nest account and register the thermostat to it. 
  2. 2. In the Iris app, go to the upper-right Add (+) menu, then "Device" and browse or search for the device.
  3. 3. Follow the instructions in the Iris app to link your Nest account to Iris. If you have multiple Nest Structures (Homes), then be sure to link your Nest Structure to the correct Iris Place. (Nest Home = Iris Home; Nest Vacation House = Iris Vacation House)

Watch the pairing video here

This device is showing me an error message. What should I do? 

  • No Connection: Nest is reporting that the device is offline. Check to ensure the device is connected to Wi-Fi. 
  • Temporary Timeout: In order to conserve battery life, the Nest thermostat will incur a 'Temporary Timeout' in the Iris app when there are too many requests to change the mode or setpoint. To resolve, adjust the thermostat locally. 
  • The Nest service is currently unavailable. Please try again later or visit 
  • Nest account information revoked: In the Nest app or web portal, the Iris integration has been turned off. Resolve by re-pairing the Nest device. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I control the schedule of the Nest thermostat? 
A. Download the Nest app to manage the thermostat schedule. 
Q. What is temperature lock? 
A. Click here to learn more about the Nest Temperature Lock functionality.
Q. How do I remove my Nest devices from Iris:
A. Go to the Device Detail page > More Tab and tap Remove at the bottom. Then go into the Nest app or website and disable the Iris integration under the 'Works with Nest' section.

For additional Nest specific questions, please visit

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