Vizia Dimmer Switch (Z-Wave) 

Vizia Dimmer Switch (Z-Wave)  

Vizia Dimmer Switch​

Pairing the Device to the Iris Hub
  1. Install the dimmer as described in the printed instructions included with your device.
  2. Once installed, pair the device by pressing the push pad to turn the dimmer on or off. The hub will beep when pairing is complete
Device Removal

Do not use other Iris devices at this time to avoid removing them. It is best if the device is within 10 feet of the hub.
1.  Press the push pad to turn the dimmer on or off. 
2.  The hub will beep when the device is successfully removed.
Factory Reset:
If your dimmer is not responding, or you are unable to control it after you have tried to Include/Exclude it multiple times, it may be necessary to reset the dimmer to its original factory settings. To accomplish this, proceed as follows:
  1. On the dimmer, engage the air-gap switch (refer to the printed instructions) and wait 5 seconds.
  2. Press push pad back into frame and hold push pad until the locator LED turns Amber and then turns Red.
  3. The dimmer is now reset.
  4. Once the dimmer is reset, it will be necessary to Re-Include it to a network before it can be used.

** CAUTION:  Setting a Device to a factory default does not exclude that device from a network. The exclusion procedure must still be followed to remove the device from the primary controller's information table. Failure to do so may result in a system that is slow to respond, or may fail to respond some devices.
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