Lumina RF Dimmer Switch (Zigbee)

Lumina RF Dimmer Switch (Zigbee)

Lumina RF Dimmer Switch (Zigbee)

Pairing the device to the Iris HUB :

Insert the plug-in dimmer into the outlet where you intend to use it.
1. Press and hold the button on the dimmer for 7 seconds. When the indicator light turns amber, release the button.
2. The indicator light will blink amber.
3. Tap the button again while indicator light is blinking amber. The indicator light will then flash green to indicate pairing mode.The hub will beep when pairing is complete.

Factory Reset 
1. Hold the top of the paddle for a total of 14 seconds
a. After the first 7 seconds the LED turns amber
b. The Locator LED will quickly flash red/amber after 14 seconds
2. Release the top of the paddle and the device will reset 
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