Halo s Default Emergency & Weather Alerts

Halo's Default Emergency & Weather Alerts

Halo uses the NOAA Weather Radio (NWR) service. NOAA works with other federal agencies, including the Emergency Alert System (EAS), to provide complete weather and emergency information.

Halo's pre-programmed alerts include:

  • Biological Hazard Warning
  • Chemical Hazard Warning
  • Civil Danger Warning
  • Civil Emergency Message
  • Contagious Disease Warning
  • Contaminated Water Warning
  • Dam Break Warning
  • Earthquake Warning
  • Emergency Action Notification
  • Emergency Action Termination
  • Evacuation Immediate
  • Food Contamination Warning
  • Hazardous Materials Warning
  • Hurricane Warning
  • Industrial Fire Warning
  • Land Slide Warning
  • Law Enforcement Warning
  • Local Area Emergency
  • Nuclear Power Plant Warning
  • Radiological Hazard Warning
  • Shelter In-place Warning
  • Tornado Warning
  • Tropical Storm Warning
  • Tsunami Watch
  • Tsunami Warning
  • Unrecognized Warning
  • Volcano Warning
  • Wild Fire Warning

Manage these and over 50 more alerts on Halo's detail page under More. 

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